COVID-19: updates for 2021 entry

Updated 9 August 2021

This page provides a hub for Imperial applicants and offer holders regarding the potential impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our admissions process for 2021 entry.

We'll also be updating this page regularly with information about the potential impact on our teaching and student experience, as more guidance is available from the UK government about the easing of national restrictions in England.

We hope that by the time you join us in autumn 2021, many of the major restrictions in place to prevent the rise of Coronavirus cases will have been lifted, thanks to the vaccine rollout programme being well underway in the UK.

However, we are continuing to ensure that we have contingency plans in place for all possible scenarios. 

We will keep our plans under continuous review, guided by the UK Government and by our own Covid response team who have played an active role in informing national and international policy to keep people safe. So please do add this page to your favourites and check back for future updates.

Coronavirus impact information