The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) was introduced on 1 November 2007 and some subject areas for MSci/MEng undergraduate courses, PhDs or Masters degrees will require ATAS clearance. All non-EEA nationals who require immigration permission to be in the UK and intend to study on one of these courses will be required to apply for ATAS clearance. Full details of the courses that are part of this scheme can be found on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Tier 4 (General) students

The majority of students will be applying to study under a Tier 4 (General) student visa and if ATAS is required for your course then this will be a condition of your offer for study. A CAS number will not be issued until all conditions of your offer have been met.

Studying under a non-Tier 4 visa

If you are in the UK under a non-student visa, and that immigration permission allows you to study in the UK, and ATAS clearance is required for your course this will be a condition of your offer for study. 

Students extending their visa in the UK

Any students already in the UK who need to apply for a new Tier 4 (General) visa to commence or continue on one of the relevant courses will also need to get ATAS clearance before making another Tier 4 (General) visa application. Any Tier 4 (General) visa application without the ATAS clearance certificate (if required) will result in a refusal.

Find your CAH Code

To apply for ATAS you will need to know the CAH for your course. 


Refer to the UG Course page or PG Course page to find your course. Scroll down the page to the 'Entry Requirements' section and select the 'Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)'  option from the list.


Currently, the new CAH codes do not appear on the Student e-Service. If you are planning to extend your Tier 4 visa, and need to obtain ATAS, please email to request the CAH code for your course. 

The ATAS application

PLEASE NOTE that an ATAS certificate is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue. You must make sure that you submit your visa application before the ATAS expires!

If your course requires ATAS clearance you can make your application online.

You should apply for ATAS clearance well in advance (at least one month) of your student visa application as the processing time for ATAS can be as long as 20 working days.

NB: In addition to the above, during the months of June, July, August and September, ATAS is extremely busy and so the processing time for ATAS applications can be as long as 30 working days.

ATAS application frequently asked questions

We receive many queries about how to complete sections of the ATAS application. Please refer to our ATAS FAQ [pdf] and FCO examples of proposed research [pdf] in the first instance as your query may easily be resolved If the FAQs do not answer your query then please contact us or contact the ATAS team directly.