Requirements for Graduate Studies

All entry requirements listed in the printed prospectus as well as on our online course lists are in reference to UK qualifications only and reflect the minimum requirement needed to be considered for admission. Programmes often do ask for higher than our minimum requirements, due to the demanding and competitive nature of our programmes.

If you intend to apply for a Masters degree the College minimum requirement is a UK Lower Second Class Honours degree. The majority of programmes have higher requirements, usually a minimum of a UK Upper Second Class Honours.

For admission to a PhD, MPhil, MD (Res) or EngD research programme the College would normally expect you to hold or achieve a Master's degree in addition to a Bachelor's degree at UK Upper Second Class Honours Level.

For information regarding our minimum entry requirements for international qualifications please visit our Country Index. All entry requirements are devised by Imperial College London and are unique to the College.

Please note that meeting academic requirements does not guarantee entry, it is only one of the factors taken into account when selectors make their decision: other factors such as suitability for the course, proficiency in English (you will need to have passed a College-approved English test), relevant work experience and references are also important.

Note for research (PhD) applicants

If you are applying for a postgraduate research degree and are asked to present formal evidence of English language ability, you will need to fulfill the Imperial College London Postgraduate English Requirement. This involves taking the Imperial College London initial English assessment (English Assessment 1) as soon as you start your PhD studies. After this assessment, internal classes (which are free of charge) may be recommended, and you may be reassessed at a later stage to evaluate your progress.    

The aim of this requirement is to help and encourage you to work on your English language skills and to ensure that you receive the necessary support to complete your PhD successfully and communicate your work in the wider academic community. For more information please see the Centre for Academic English website

While every effort has been made to ensure that this information is up-to-date, Imperial College London can accept no liability for any inaccuracies or alterations of which it may be unaware.