Molecular imaging

Our global challenge of engineering novel solutions guides the way we work together across subject boundaries to find solutions to some of humanities biggest problems – like dwindling natural resources and AI’s dominance in our lives.

This is one of four global challenges, which unites our expertise in areas ranging from infrastructure to medical technology – towards the goal of creating a more sustainable world.

Find the right course for you

To help you search your study options, we’ve grouped our Master’s courses relevant to engineering novel solutions by theme, rather than by department.

These broader categories are designed to help you explore all the ways you could contribute to making the world a better place – it may not be in a way you previously considered or in the department that matches your first degree.

Download the Engineering novel solutions course guide [PDF] and start exploring your options.

A community like no other

Imperial’s global community of scientists, engineers, medics and business experts are working across subject boundaries to find solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges – like developing new energy storage technologies and reducing our global carbon emissions.

Take a look below at the work we’re already doing to address these challenges.