The Graduate School holds regular focus groups, inviting both Master's and Doctoral students to give feedback on all aspects of the Graduate School's operations, from the professional skills development programme to annual events and regular communications to students.

Feedback gathered from these focus groups is then acted upon so that the Graduate School can more effectively support students' experience.

Here are some of the measures taken thus far:

You Said:

You would prefer to complete course evaluation forms after a workshop so you could be more honest....

All Graduate School course evaluation froms are now electronic and are emailed to all course participants - tutors set aside time at the end of each course so that students can complete the form. Alternatively, students can complete it after the session.

You wanted more interaction between the Graduate School and your supervisors so that they were aware of your other commitments....

We have included your supervisors in all course confirmation emails, however we encourage you to engage with your supervisor regardingyour course choices

The format of the Graduate School newsletter could be improved and the frequency altered

We now send a monthly newsletter to all postgraduates, highlighting upcoming events and opportunities for students, both within and away from the College.

We also send a weekly bulletin of upcoming professional skills courses - separate bulletins are sent to Doctoral students and Master's level students (including MRes students)

Too many Graduate School emails were marked high priority

We are actively reducing the number of emails sent high priority - we realise that what may be urgent for us might not necessarily be the same for you.

The course booking forms asked too many unnecessary questions making the process laborious

Although some questions cannot be removed as they help us to locate students and update records on our database, the booking forms are under review, and anything that can be removed will be.

The pilot of online course material was successful and that access to the material on Blackboard was useful

Thank you for your feedback! Following the pilot, all course material is now available through Blackboard.

Not enough courses were offered at other campuses such as Silwood and Hammersmith

This is an ongoing issue that we are aware of; when courses are planned for campuses other than South Kensington they are often cancelled due to low student booking numbers. We are working with your course organisers to ensure that our planning of professional skills courses fits in with your timetables, to avoid this issue in future.