PhD Summer Showcase PhD Summer Showcase PhD Summer Showcase

PhD Summer Showcase

Friday 13 July 2018 | 11:00-15:30 | Queen's Tower Rooms, South Kensington Campus

This special event was organised by the Graduate School to celebrate the research being carried out by the College’s PhD students.  It provided an opportunity for staff and students of the College to come and find out what research projects are being undertaken and to meet current PhD students.  The showcase comprises two separate competitions.  The first is a poster competition where students present their research to both academic and lay judges.  The second is the research as art competition where students create a piece of artwork to describe their research.

Winners 2018

Poster Competition

1st Prize - Wing Wan (Civil & Environmental Engineering) - Robots building the world's first 3D printed metal bridge
2nd Prize - Giovanni Matrone (Materials) - Not all roads lead to phase separation
3rd Prize - Arianna Ferrini (NHLI) - Acidity in the heart: how to harness it for therapeutic intervention
People's Choice - Mayue Shi (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) - Miniature wind energy harvester based on flow-induced vibration‌

Research As Art

1st Prize - Iman Ibrahim (Centre for Environmental Policy) - The Ripple Effect
2nd Prize - Sophie Spitters (Medicine) - How interventions are spread
3rd Prize - Laura Braun (Civil & Environmental Engineering) - Sludge Cake
People's ChoiceLaura Braun (Civil & Environmental Engineering) - Sludge Cake

Programme of Events

11.00 - 15.30    Poster competition
12.00 - 14.00    Research as art exhibit open for public viewing
14.00 - 16.00    Research as art competition judging starts
17.00 - 18.00    Reception and prize giving ceremony

Poster Competition Research as Art 
 1st Prize  £500  1st Prize  £500
 2nd Prize  £250  2nd Prize  £250
 3rd Prize  £150  3rd Prize  £150
 People's Choice Award  £100  People's Choice Award  £100
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