Cancellation policy:

To cancel a course you must contact the Graduate School by email or telephone us on +44(0)20 7594 1383

Students are required to give a minimum of 3 working days' notice to avoid charges – charges may still be avoided after this time if we are able to fill your place from the waiting list.  The cancellation charge is £30 unless stated otherwise (please check your course confirmation email). Demand for courses is high, therefore students are asked to manage their course bookings carefully and to cancel with requisite notice, allowing their place to be offered to others.

If you feel it is necessary to cancel on the day of the course due to illness, we ask that you contact the Graduate School between 9 am and 10 am. Otherwise we reserve the right to ask for a medical certificate.  If you feel you have another valid reason to cancel on the day of the course, then we expect students to inform a member of the Graduate School team as set out above.

Students are expected to attend their Professional Development courses from the scheduled start and finishing time.  If you are running late for any reason, please contact the Graduate School as set out above.  Latecomers may be refused entry and/or be subject to a No-Show fee.  Please note, it is at the tutor's discretion to deny entry if they feel a student has missed a substantial amount of the course. If you fail to attend a workshop without providing a reasonable explanation then you may not be able to register for subsequent Graduate School courses.

Data Protection

Participants' names and departments/divisions/faculties will be made available to other attendees on the same workshop. Participants' data is stored in a database for the purpose of recording attendance at workshops, providing statistical information and maintaining individuals and faculty / departmental / divisional training records.

Individual's training records will be made available to administrators and academics in their faculty/ department/division, appropriate administrative divisions and HR, all within Imperial College London, if requested.