COVID-19: Professional Development Programme Delivery

Please note that the Professional Development Programme will be delivered remotely for the remainder of the 2019/20 academic session. Wherever possible, we will be sticking to previously timetabled courses, however, please check programme/individual course pages for up-to-date information. Courses being delivered remotely will be clearly signposted on the website and should be booked in the usual way, using the online form.

It should be noted that not all courses on the programme are suitable for remote delivery, please contact the Graduate School if a course you are interested in is not currently available.


Jorge FreireWhat is academic integrity? How do I find, evaluate, organise and manage digital content for research and scholarship? How do I share my work and use other people’s work openly and ethically? What digital tools do I need for research and to be up to date with my field? How do I avoid plagiarism? How can I protect my invention or business idea? Who owns copyright in my work?  

These are some of the questions that the courses offered as part of the ‘Research integrity programme’ will explore. The aims of the ‘research integrity programme’ are to:   

  • Conduct searches using a range of information software, resources and techniques  
  • Critically reflect on the use of digital tools for professional purposes: their advantages and limitations   
  • Use citation and attribution practice in your thesis and published work  
  • Be aware of the College policy on intellectual property and academic integrity  
  • Be ethically literate; explore and critically analyse the ethics of scientific research

The resources used in webinars and workshops can be found on the Research Integrity Blackboard module. In order to self-enrol onto the module, please follow the instructions you can find here:

You can access the module here, once you self-enroled.