We have three exciting and challenging retreats to develop a range of skills and attributes such as the below,

  •  An ability to work collaboratively with teams of people from a range of backgrounds and countries
  •  Excellent communication skills: both speaking and listening
  •  A high degree of drive and resilience
  •  An ability to embrace multiple perspectives and challenge thinking
  •  A capacity to develop new skills and behaviours according to role requirements
  •  A high degree of self-awareness
  •  An ability to negotiate and influence clients across the globe from different cultures
  •  An ability to form professional, global networks
  •  An openness to and respect for a range of perspectives from around the world
  •  Multi-cultural learning agility (e.g. able to learn in any culture or environment)

Cumberland Lodge

The Global Postgraduate Retreats take place at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor, Berkshire (picture to the left). The Lodge is a seventeenth-century country house that has a rich history and now acts a conference centre. The Retreats take place over two days, and students are provided with fully-catered accommodation and access to the Lodge's facilities and spectacular surrounding scenery. 

*Please note that students will share an en-suite room with one other student.

Global Postgraduate Retreats

Global Postgraduate Retreat: Teams and Communication

This new retreat is open to all research students, regardless of stage or whether you have previously undertaken a graduate school residential course.  Participating in this retreat will teach you about roles in teams, and working together. It will increase your self-awareness and understanding of others. This 2-day retreat (fully paid for) follows the well-known Belbin® approach throughout a series of exercises. You will receive your personal Belbin® report at the end.

Many employers across all sectors, including the research sector, need people to work successfully in teams and look for experience and understanding during recruitment. This will retreat will help you in your current and future roles. You will be able to demonstrate to supervisors and future employers that you have a good understanding of team working. It is a great addition for your professional development and your CV.

On completion of this retreat you will be able to:

  • Identify and interpret the Belbin Team Roles for yourself and others
  • Demonstrate a high degree of self-awareness and an understanding of others
  • Work collaboratively in interdisciplinary and international teams
  • Use appropriate communication skills for successful interactions
  • Summarise research for different audiences through various media


There are no further sessions of this course scheduled for the 2019/20 academic year. 


Global Postgraduate Retreat: Thesis Writing (No Remote Teaching)

These writing retreats, are a collaboration between the Graduate School and the Centre for Academic English. They provide a focused opportunity for you to make major advances in writing your thesis in a supportive environment that will enhance subsequent productivity. Over the two days, you will have the opportunity to complete a significant piece of writing, gain new perspectives on your attitude and approach to writing, and review your writing habits in order to become more effective writers.

During the retreat, there is plenty of time set aside for writing. There are short talks on specific writing issues and areas such as maintaining motivation. Graduate School and Centre for Academic English tutors are available for one-to-one support throughout the retreat. These meetings are focused on generating solutions to writing problems, assisting in developing drafts, and providing feedback on writing in-progress.

The retreats are open to doctoral research students who are aiming to submit within a year of the retreat date.  

Upon completion of this retreat you will be better able to:

  • Plan and manage the thesis-writing process
  • Set clear and achievable goals for writing
  • Write clear, precise and organised academic text
  • Structure and connect the narrative of your research writing
  • Maintain the momentum and your wellbeing

Unfortunately due to the teaching style of this course we are unable to offer this course as part of our remote teaching offering.  

Global Postgraduate Retreat: Impact and Influence

Tutor: Janet De Wilde and Elena Forasacco

This retreat gives you the chance to explore the concept of research impact and influence. There is growing importance in demonstrating the impact and influence of your research. Research students spend up to four years on research and it is important your research doesn’t become invisible or just stay within the university. There is interest and concern from funders, public, companies and others about UK research developments.

Demonstrating the potential outcomes of your research, without giving away intellectual property concerns and unpublished results, is a skill worth developing. The retreat will give you lots of opportunities through a series of engaging exercises to develop your research negotiation and communication skills.

On completion of this course you will be better able to:

  • Recognise impact and pathways to impact in your research.
  • Identify and participate in impact activities for your research and for global challenges.
  • Assess audiences’ requirements and use appropriate communication strategies.
  • Employ negotiation and influencing skills.
  • Evaluate & employ communication approaches for impact.


  • There are no further sessions of this course taking place this academic year