We hope that you find the process of booking your place on our professional skills courses an easy one. If you encounter any difficulties, or have any queries, the information below should help you.


How do I book my place on a course?

Courses for Doctoral students can be booked via the course booking form.

Courses for Master's and MRES students can be booked via this booking form.

On each individual course page you will see the dates listed of all sessions that have been scheduled. Once you have chosen the date of the session you wish to attend, simply select the 'BOOK NOW' link on the course page and complete the booking form.

How do I cancel my place on courses I have booked onto?

To cancel your place on a course you must email the Graduate School or telephone us on +44(0) 20 7594 1383/3049

Doctoral students: Please ensure you read and understand the cancellation policy for doctoral professional skills courses 

Master's and MRes students: Please ensure you read and understand the cancellation policy for Masterclass courses

How much does it cost to attend Graduate School courses?

Courses are free for Imperial postgraduate students.

How do I know if I am on the waiting list for a course?

If you are on the waiting list, the document attached to your booking confirmation email will be marked as ‘Pending - on waiting list’.  This means that the session is fully booked and you have been placed on a waiting list.  We will contact you via email if a place becomes available.

If I am on a waiting list, when will I be told if I have a place?

If you are on the waiting list, you will be emailed when a space becomes available. Please note that we will only add you onto a course if  you reply to us to confirm that you want to take the place when it is offered. Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis so it is important that you reply promptly when we contact you.

I have selected a course that isn't marked as fully booked on the website but I have received notification that I am on the waiting list. Why is this?

Each course booking is processed manually and only within normal office hours. This can mean that the website is updated a little after the last places on a course have been taken. 

If you want to avoid disappointment we would recommend choosing 2 dates for a course and if the first one is full we will add you to the waiting list for this course.

I am already booked on a particular course but want to change to another date. How can I do this?

If you would like to transfer your booking to another date, please email the Graduate School with full details of the changes you wish to make. 

Please note that if you submit a booking form with a new date we will have to contact you directly to check whether you wish to cancel your previous booking ,so it is quicker if you email us directly with clear instructions. 

How do I know where the course is taking place?

If you are successfully booked onto a course, details of the venue will be listed in the course confirmation document that has been emailed to you, as well as in the reminder email we send out to attendees a week before the course.  We do not provide venue information to those who are on the waiting list but this information will be provided should you later be successfully booked onto the course

My course confirmation document states 'Venue to be confirmed (TBC). What does this mean?

Please check your course confirmation document thoroughly, as if the venue is listed as ‘to be confirmed’ this means that you are on the waiting list for this particular course. 

We will only provide full venue information to those who are successfully registered to attend.

All of the courses I need to attend are fully booked and my ESA is approaching. How am I going to meet the attendance requirement?

Please contact the Graduate School  to discuss your options.

I am an MPhil Student. Does the Graduate School's attendance requirement apply to me?

Imperial College London's regulations state that all PhD and MPhil students must complete a number of Professional Development courses as part of their degree registration. The minimum attendance requirement for the Professional Development programme, can be viewed on the Graduate School's website.

Do I have to attend all of the courses in a subject area (i.e. Statistics) to be awarded a credit?

Each of our short courses is a standalone course and each course is therefore worth one credit towards the attendance requirement. There is therefore no obligation to attend all of the courses listed under a particular subject area (ie Statistics, Writing etc) in order to gain this credit.

Where can I find a list of the courses I have attended?

Currently there is no central place for you to access a list of the Graduate School courses that you have attended.  However, please email the Graduate School  and we will be happy to send you a document listing your courses.

How do I request a certificate of attendance?

Please email the Graduate School and we will be happy to send you a certificate in either hard copy or electronic format.  Please note that our certificates will list all of the courses that you have attended (rather than certificates for individual courses) so you may wish to wait for an appropriate time in your studies to request this from us.

When will the My Imperial student portal be updated to show the courses I have attended?

The Graduate School sends course attendance data to the Registry on a periodic basis, shortly after the end of each term (usually January, April & August).

Please allow a few weeks for this information to be updated in your My Imperial record. If you believe that there are courses missing from your record, email the Graduate School and we will investigate.