If you are based on the Silwood campus and wish to access the Graduate School workshops - these are the options available:


The Graduate School provides a day of provision during the Silwood induction week which includes 2 of our workshops and an activity.
The programme typically includes the following workshops:  Enhancing Wellbeing for Master’s and Research Effectiveness: Creative Thinking

Bespoke face-to-face

We are happy to visit the Silwood to deliver a workshop, please choose a course, and please ensure that more than 10 students that will attend.


We have three Master's webinars which can be accessed from anywhere that you have a device connected to the internet,

Online courses

In January 2020 an online Master's Literature Review course will be launched.

Bespoke online

You may request a workshop to be delivered over the internet, our tutors will be happy to arrange this if the content of the workshops lends itself to online delivery. Please choose a course and contact the Head of Postgraduate Professional Development to arrange.

To discuss your options please email Dr Janet De Wilde (Head of Post Graduate Professional Development)