Alexandros Bouganis, Research Assistant, and Dr Andreas Fidjeland, Research Associate working with the iCub humanoid robot.

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What makes Imperial special is the quality of our people, who come here from all over the world and contribute diverse perspectives, new ideas, and fresh approaches to solving complex problems. 

Our response to coronavirus

Imperial staff, students and alumni are working round-the-clock to combat COVID-19. Our community includes key workers, helping keep our essential services running, epidemiologists informing policymakers worldwide, and virologists trialling their COVID-19 vaccine.

Looking back, we explore what has changed, what the world has learned, and how Imperial research has driven forward our understanding of the disease that has come to define 2020. 

COVID-19: Lessons from the year that changes the world

Imperial COVID-19 Lockdown Lessons

Find out how scientists at Imperial College have rapidly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Enjoy a series of webinars about exciting topics such as:

  • Increasing our understanding of how the virus causes disease and spreads
  • Creating innovative technologies for rapid testing, vaccine development and low cost ventilators
  • Delivering the best in clinical care on the frontline in hospitals

Discover Imperial COVID-19 Lockdown Lessons