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An opportunity has arisen for a Research Associate to conduct research on digital engineering (BIM) data and processes. You will develop new systems analyses to enable digitally-enabled ‘configuration management’ as changes are made in an evolving digital twin, e.g. during late stage design and fabrication/on-site assembly. The post will be funded through and contribute to projects related to the digital twin within the Centre for Systems...
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Reference ENG00608
Date posted 29 November 2018
Closing date 4 January 2019

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The digitisation of engineering has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for using simulation and visualisation tools for innovation (Dodgson, Gann, and Salter, 2007). Research across management, design and engineering has shown that these tools have a powerful influence on the design, construction and the operation of assets in the built environment (Whyte and Nikolić, 2018). In this project, we will be investigating how these tools shape the way clients and their supply chains jointly explore new service and product configurations and thus create more value through innovation. These tools have the potential to unlock substantial innovation in infrastructure for two main reasons. Firstly, they enable learning through playful experimentation in addition to traditional back-and-forth information exchange (e.g. tender documents; presentations), which makes for a more creative and nuanced exploration of possible service and product configurations. Secondly, they help build a shared understanding of the project’s value drivers and thus better focus innovation efforts. This study would inform whether, where, when and how to roll these tools out in practice and what sorts of benefits would be generated by doing so. 

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