Saeed Tahmasebi - PhD candidate 2018 - present

Description: This project considers construction as a manufacturing process. It takes systems engineering templates and processes and uses these to trace and inform the logic of decisions in integrated Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) processes from a systems perspective. The work will be conducted in close collaboration with Laing O’Rourke.

It aims to improve the traceability of requirements through the development process into a customer solution in order to facilitate the development of new template design processes; to establish the information needed for verification; to reduce variability, and to understand the resilience/flexibility of the production process.

It will map the whole process from the stakeholder identification and need elicitation process through the partitioning of designs, design processes using a product configurator; to the customer solution and aftercare. To facilitate the move to low-carbon civil engineering, each step of this process will also be evaluated in terms of carbon as well as costs and process efficiency. Different systems engineering templates will be compared, contrasted and evaluated in terms of the information required in construction as a manufacturing process and the adoption and barriers to adoption of systems approaches.

This will enable us to utilize the existing System Engineering Centre’s resources within “Imperial College” to bring in the system engineering approach into the current DfMA solutions/manufacturing procedures in construction industry, which would help the industry to develop both efficiency in the process by using system engineering templates as well as improving the sustainability targets by adoption of most carbon friendly template into the system.

This project is also setup to build on the existing researches toolkits within Imperial College London, System Engineering Centre and arrange the technology into one that could be promoted in the wider industry.

For further information, please contact Saeed Tahmasebi ( doctoral candidate, or his supervisor: Prof. Jennifer Whyte. The PhD is located within the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College, and is co-sponsored by industrial partner Laing O’Rourke