Research Associate in Chemical Biology - Targeting deubiquitinases

We are seeking an outstanding chemical biologist to lead research targeting deubiquitinases (DUBs) in our group at Imperial College, in close collaboration with scientists at Pfizer ( For more information, or to apply, see:

Research Associate in Chemical Biology of Antimicrobial resistance

We are seeking a chemical biologist to lead a collaborative project targeting antimicrobial resistance, in the groups of Prof Ed Tate and Dr Andy Edwards at Imperial College. You will lead a team of researchers to apply cutting edge chemical biology, medicinal chemistry and proteomic approaches to advanced biological models to discover the mode of action of novel compounds targeting bacteria DNA repair. For more information, or to apply, see:

4-year CRUK/EPSRC joint funded PhD - Novel senolytic drugs as anticancer therapies 

Supervisors: Prof Ed Tate, Prof Jesus Gil

In this PhD you will be at the centre of a multidisciplinary collaboration to discover and understand the mode of action of senolytic compounds targeting PTM pathways, with broad applications in many cancers and diseases of aging. For full details see should be made via our chemical biology CDT:

4 year (1+3) MRes/PhD studentship - Development of novel photochemical probes to investigate quadruplex DNA interactome in living cells

Supervisors: Prof Ramon Vilar Compte, Prof Ed Tate and Dr Marco Di Antonio

This project aims to improve our understanding of the proteins responsible for G4-recongition in cells, which is key to further elucidation of G4s’ biological significance, by developing photoactivatable probes that can label proteins bound to G4s in living cells. For full details see should be made via our chemical biology CDT via our chemical biology CDT:

Postdoctoral opportunities

We welcome informal enquiries from potential postdoctoral fellows with outstanding research track records who are prepared to apply for independent research funding, for example from the European Union, HFSP, etc. Full assistance will be given in preparing a competitive research proposal; we have an exceptional track record in accelerating the careers of outstanding postdoctoral researchers, with six Marie Curie fellows in our lab in the past four years. 

Other PhD studentships 

Any students interested in pursuing postgraduate research in our group should contact me directly; all prospective applicants should have or expect to obtain a 1st class honours degree (or equivalent) in chemistry, biochemistry, or a closely related discipline; non-UK students must be able to obtain independent funding for their studies, e.g. via a government bursary.