Personal Tutors

Every MSc student is assigned a member of the academic staff as Personal Tutor at the beginning of the course. The role of the Personal Tutor is primarily to be the first point of contact for any issues or difficulties that may arise throughout the course. He or she will be able to advise students on selection of courses, career matters, writing recommendation letters, and also any matters of a non-academic nature. See the MSc Handbook for further points of contact for students.

Name Surname email (add Personal Tutor
Mohammad Akhond mohammad.akhond16 Chris Hull
Benoit Assi benoit.assi16 Carlo Contaldi
Josu Calvo-Aurrekoetxea josu.calvo-aurrekoetxea16 Toby Wiseman
Lingtong Chen lingtong.chen16 Dan Waldram
Chuang Du chuang.du16 Kelly Stelle
Mathew Elman mathew.elman16 Joao Magueijo
Christopher Erickson christopher.erickson16 Jonathan Halliwell
Anuar Idrissov anuar.idrissov16 Fay Dowker
Chioma Ifeji chioma.ifeji16 Arttu Rajantie
Yunho Kim yunho.kim16 Amihay Hanany
Alfonso Lanuza alfonso.lanuza16 Jerome Gauntlett
Alexander Mitchell-Lister alexander.mitchell-lister16 Claudia de Rham
Cameron Oliver cameron.oliver16 Andrew Tolley
Hariphan Philathong hariphan.philathong16 Tim Evans
Pranjal Ralegankar pranjal.ralegankar16 Joao Magueijo
Joana Ribeiro Da Cunha Gomes Teixeira joana.teixeira13 Tim Evans
Jamie Rogers jamie.rogers16 Arttu Rajantie
Miriam Judith Scharnke miriam.scharnke16 Amihay Hanany
Ho Sit ho.sit16 Jerome Gauntlett
Matthew Peter Stafford matthew.stafford16 Claudia de Rham
Nils Robin Tornkvist nils.tornkvist16 Andrew Tolley
Yu Tuo yu.tuo16 Arkady Tseytlin
Markos Vousvounis markos.vousvounis16 Carlo Contaldi
Yili Wang yili.wang16 Chris Hull
Sara White sara.white16 Kelly Stelle
Samuel Whittington samuel.whittington16 Jonathan Halliwell
Alastair Wickens alastair.wickens16 Fay Dowker
Shicheng Zhang shicheng.zhang16 Tim Evans
Adam Almakroudi adam.almakroudi16 Dan Waldram
Maggie Chlon maggie.chlon16 Arkady Tseytlin
Scott Harrison scott.harrison16 Kelly Stelle
Asim Islam asim.islam16 Toby Wiseman
Yamin Jamilzoda yamin.jamilzoda16 Jonathan Halliwell
Awais Khan awais.khan16 Fay Dowker
Jethro Linley jethro.linley16 Carlo Contaldi
Thomas Maybour thomas.maybour16 Chris Hull
Moolman Simon moolman.simon16 Arkady Tseytlin