Quantum Electrodynamics

Prof. Carlo Contaldi

26-28 hours

This course is a continuation of the undergraduate "Quantum Field Theory" course. There will be some review of material covered in QFT for those students who have not takend it.

1. Review of Background Material

  • Quantum mechanics.
  • Scalar field theory.
  • Heisenberg Picture and Feynman propagators.
  • Fermion fields and Dirac Quantization (quick introduction).
  • The Classical Lagrangian for QED.
2. Interacting Field Theory
  • Interactions and Correlation functions.
  • Kallen-Lehmann representation and renormalization.
  • LSZ reduction formula.
  • Evaluation of S-matrix elements.
  • Feynman Diagrams.

3. Feynman Diagrams for QED.

  • Interacting theory with fermions
  • Quantization of the Photon.
  • Feynman Diagrams for QED.

4. Simple Processes in QED

  • Scattering amplitudes. • Compton scattering.
  • Electron-electron scattering.
  • Electron-positron annihilation.• Evaluation of cross-sections.

5. Renormalization

  • Perturbative renormalization in QED. Regularization and Ward Identities.
  • Radiative corrections.

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