Quantum Electrodynamics

Prof Joao Magueijo

30 hours

This course is a continuation of the undergraduate "Quantum Field Theory" course.

Office hours: Wednesdays 3pm, H508B, while course is running.

Basics of interacting field theory
Basic properties of quantum field theories. Time-ordered products and correlation functions. Structure of spectrum, in- and out- Hilbert spaces and scattering. Kallen-Lehmann representation and renormalization. LSZ reduction formula. Perturbative evaluation of correlation functions in the interaction picture. Wick's theorem and formulation in terms of Feynman diagrams. Evaluation of S-matrix elements.

QED and simple scattering processes
Wick's theorem in QED. Gupta-Bleuler quantization of the photon. Feynman diagrams for QED.  Compton scattering. Electron-electron scattering. Electron-positron annihilation. Evaluation of cross-sections. 

Perturbative renormalization of QED to one loop. Regularization and the Ward identity. Radiative corrections and Lamb shift.

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