The role of the Advisory Board is to provide strategic advice to the CDT by reviewing its operations in training, research and outreach annually against the stated objectives of the CDT.

Members external to Imperial College

  • Dr Kate Bowman-EPSRC Representative
  • Professor W Craig Carter-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
  • Dr John Stevens-Baker Hughes, UK
  • Dr Dirk Dijkstra - Covestro Deutschland AG
  • Professor Sergei Dudarev-EURATOM Fusion, UK
  • Dr Claire Hinchliffe- Sheffield-Manchester CDT in Advanced Metallic Systems, UK
  • Professor David Rugg – Rolls-Royce, UK
  • Dr Simon Schultz - CDT on Neurotechnology, Imperial College London
  • Professor Dr Helena Van Swygenhoven-Paul-Scherrer Institute & EPFL, Switzerland
  • Dr Erich Wimmer-Materials Design, USA
  • Prof Ellen WIlliams  - University of Maryland
  • Dr Hugh Stitt - Johnson-Matthey, UK

Members internal to Imperial College:

  • Dr Arash Mostofi – Director
  • Dr Johannes Lischner - Assistant Director & Cohort Mentor: cohort 8
  • Professor Peter Haynes– Strategic Advisory Team
  • Professor Adrian Sutton FRS – Strategic Advisory Team
  • Dr Daniel Balint – Cohort Mentor: cohort 5
  • Prof Mike Bearpark – Cohort Mentor: cohort 6
  • Dr Andrew Horsfield – Cohort Mentor: cohort 7
  • Dr Kim Jelfs (Maternity Leave) - Cohort Mentor: cohort 8
  • Dr Simon Foster – Outreach Officer
  • Miss Miranda Smith – Board Secretary

Advisory Board