Previous Outreach Activities

Science Communication Conference

Imperial Festival

  • 11-12th May: Imperial Festival. TSM students have been asked to take part in the inaugural Imperial festival. We will have a stand in the festival tent, speaking to members of the general public about the work that the TSM undertakes. We will be conducting live demonstrations and experiments at the stand, as well as 'science busking', where groups of students will walk around the festival undertaking small demos to engage with the audience.

Exhibition road cultural group

  • 21st June: Exhibition road cultural group: The various institutions on exhibition road have been asked to come together to discuss their work. We hope to have a DTC stand at the event so we can talk about our research and work.

Institute of Physics (IoP) teacher training event

  • 30th June: Institute of Physics (IoP) teacher training event: We are hoping of putting on several days of training for newly qualified and established teachers to help them improve the quality of their teaching and the understanding of physics. The idea is that some of the students can come along and devise demonstrations of their work that can be translated into topics that are in the science national curriculum.

Science uncovered at the natural history museum

  • 28th September: Science uncovered at the natural history museum. The natural history museum will open its doors to the public and introduce them to scientists, showcasing the cutting edge of science. We are hoping to get some of our students on the bill for the night.

Science speed dating

  • 14th March: Science speed dating: Simon will be talking at several schools in south London about the research conducted by the DTCs and TSM. Students are welcom to participate.

Cheltenham science festival

  • Cheltenham science festival. Simon is doing a series of childrens workshops at the Cheltenham science festival. TSM students are welcom to participate.

CDT Teachers Experience Day

  • In July the TSM played host to the first CDT experience day, where physics teachers were invited along to Imperial College to get a taste of the amazing research being conducted by the TSM group. Prof Peter Haynes and TSM students gave a series of talks and ran hands-on workshops which immersed the teachers in the work of the group. This allowed them to understand the exciting work being conducted by the group and take this knowledge back into the classroom to inspire the next generation of scientists. It is hoped we will turn this teacher’s workshop into an annual event. 

Climate Change debate

Prof Adrian Sutton and Dr Simon Foster helped organise the 1st Phoenix high school debate, centred on the subject of 'Is the UK government doing enough to combat climate change'. Prior to the debate various scientists visited the school to give talks about different aspects of climate change and its causes. Simon spoke about his research into solar variability and climate change, giving the participants an insight into the workings of our nearest star and its influence upon the Earth’s climate. Students used this information to prepare their arguments for the debate, at which Simon acted as one of the judges.

Physics department work experience

Staff and students from the TSM met with work experience students to explain their research and experiences as scientists. Based on these meetings the students produced posters and gave a presentation outlining the work of the TSM. TSM students also ran a series of experiments with work experience students who were visiting the physics department. These experiments gave the students the opportunity to handle equipment and materials that is not usually available within schools. These experiments helped to make this a really memorable experience for the work experience students.