‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌We have a number of fully-funded 4-year PhD studentships available to start in October 2018. These studentships are in collaboration with industry partners of the CDT and will be of particular interest to applicants from the EU who do not meet the EPSRC residency requirements for full funding as these studentships would be fully-funded for such applicants. Successful candidates will have an aptitude for theory and simulation and already have, or expect to achieve, a first class (or equivalent) Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the physical sciences or a branch of engineering. Applicants should apply via the usual route, making it clear in their personal statement which project they are interested in. For further information on these projects please see the contact details in the project description. 

Projects Available for 2018 Entry
Project TitleIndustry Partner
Accurate Modelling of Sintering and Residual Stresses in Polycrystalline Diamond Element Six 
Stopping the corrosion of Mg Magnesium Elektron
Procter & Gamble
From molecules to macrophases II: Structural properties of ionic surfactant solutions Procter & Gamble
Materials modelling of electron trapping in lithium ion batteries The Faraday Institution for Energy Storage Research
Thermodynamic Modelling of Small-Molecule Interactions with Amorphous Solids (Project taken)‌ Procter & Gamble
Multiscale modelling of hydrocarbon release from source rock: from molecular simulation to pore network models Baker Hughes
Baker Hughes
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