Approved Project Proposals for Cohort 8

‌‌‌Below is the list of projects available to Cohort 8 of the TSM CDT. Projects marked with a (*) are only visible to registered students of Imperial College. Those without a link are available to TSM students only on request.

Project TitleSupervisors
Electrotunable superlubricity with ionic liquids Fernando Bresme and Alexei Kornyshev
Accurate Modelling of Sintering and Residual Stresses in Polycrystalline Diamond Daniele Dini and Daniel Balint
Unravelling the role of mechanochemistry in lubrication mechanisms Daniele Dini and Arash Mostofi
Understanding and Predicting Ultra High Temperature Ceramics M Finnis, W Lee and P Bristowe
Warm Dense Matter Matthew Foulkes and Derek Lee
Pressure-induced structural transformations in nanomaterials: understanding the cross-roads between amorphisation and crystallization  Peter Haynes and Carla Molteni
Modelling the decomposition of chemical warfare agents in the environment *‌ Kim Jelfs and Patricia Hunt
Multiscale Modelling of Flow in Porous Media Peter King and Dimitri Vvedensky
A structural enigma: Towards a unified understanding of kink-band formation across the scales through modelling with the combined finite-discrete element method John-Paul Latham, Ahmer Wadee and Jiansheng Xiang
Quantum Optics with topological insulator nanoparticles Derek Lee, Vincenzo Giannini and Peter Haynes
Charge and energy transfer in hybrid plasmonic nanostructures Johannes Lischner and Stefan Maier
Adsorbate engineering in two-dimensional semiconductors Johannes Lischner and Arash Mostofi
Modelling defects in quantum technology devices using machine learning Johannes Lischner and Ivan Rungger
Incommensurate Phase Transitions as a Route to Functional Materials Design Arash Mostofi, Nick Bristowe and Mark Senn
Informing continuum models of clay via particle scale simulation Catherine O'Sullivan and Stefano Angioletti-Uberti
Optical resonances of high-index dielectric nanostructures: Scalings and multiscale asymptotics Ory Schnitzer and Stefan Maier
Cyclic loading and delayed hydride cracking in Zr-alloys Adrian Sutton, Daniel Balint and Mark Wenman
Plasticity and fracture of aligned polyethylene *‌ Adrian Sutton and Lorenzo Iannucci
Strongly correlated phonons in ferroelectrics and perovskite superlattices Paul Tangney and Nick Bristowe
A holistic approach to understanding batteries and fuel cells: combining impedance spectroscopy with multiscale materials simulation Paul Tangney and Andrew Horsfield
Multi-Scale Development and Application for Modelling Dense Granular Flows Berend Van Wachem and Daniele Dini
Understanding the role of hydrogen-dislocation interactions in the corrosion and hydrogen uptake of irradiated zirconium fuel cladding alloys Mark Wenman, Andrew Horsfield and Adrian Sutton
A new theoretical framework for calculating thermal conductivity in semiconductor alloys *‌ Éamonn Murray and Ivana Savić
Transformation optics applied to plasmons in graphene John Pendry, Paloma Arroyo Huidobro and Norbert Klein
Nonequilibrium Carrier and Plasmon Dynamics in Graphene Ortwin Hess, Joachim Hamm and Eamonn Murray
Thermodynamic Modelling of Small-Molecule Interactions with Amorphous Solids Amparo Galindo and Daryl Williams
Simulation of phoXonic metamaterials Giannini Vincenzo and Richard Craster
Developing a Predictive Model of Corrosion Nicholas Harrison and Mike Finnis


The Research Projects are approved by the TSM CDT Research Board which consisted of the following representatives in 2017: 
Arash Mostofi (Physics), Johannes Lischner (Materials), Giuliano Allegri (Aeronautics), Fernando Bresme (Chemistry), Daniele Dini (Mechanical Engineering), Erich Muller (Chemical Engineering), Catherine O'Sullivan (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Gunnar Pruessner (Mathematics).