Approved Project Proposals for Cohort 9

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Below is the list of projects available to Cohort 9 of the TSM CDT. Projects marked with a (*) are only visible to registered students of Imperial College. Those without a link are available to TSM students only on request.

Project TitleSupervisors
From molecules to macrophases: Structural properties of ionic surfactant solutions Amparo Galindo and
George Jackson
Pressure-induced structural transformations in nanomaterials: understanding the cross-roads between amorphisation and crystallisation Peter Haynes and Carla Molteni
Whole system simulation of galvanic corrosion Andrew Horsfield, Mike Finnis and Tony Paxton
Stopping the corrosion of Mg Andrew Horsfield and Tony Paxton
From molecules to macrophases: linking MD to fluid phase boundary predictions George Jackson and Erich Muller
Multiscale framework for transport properties of complex fluids in confinement* Serafim Kalliadas and Fernando Bresme
Nanostructured ionic metamaterials: quantum and classical effects  Alexei Kornyshev, Mike Finnis and Fernando Bresme
Messy machines: using machine learning on disordered 2d materials for device design Johannes Lischner, Ivan Rungger and Stephane Chretien
Ultraconfined fluids in porous Boron Nitride: from DFT to mesoscopic flow simulations Erich Muller and Angelos Michaelides
Influence of particle crushing on flow in granular beds Catherine O'Sullivan and Daniele Dini
Order-Disorder Transitions in Supramolecular Ferroelectrics Laura Ratcliff and Aron Walsh
Strongly Correlated Phonons in Ferroelectrics and Perovskite Superlattices Paul Tangney and Johannes Lischner
Multiscale Modelling of Flow in Porous Media Peter King and Dimitri Vvedensky
Tuning the functional properties of stimuli-sensitive polymer networks via bio-inspired reversible cross-linkers Stefano Angioletti-Uberti and Bortolo Matteo Mognetti
Topological properties of heavy fermion materials – from ab initio simulations to effective tight-binding models of intermetallic Kondo systems* Johannes Knolle and Arash Mostofi
Quantum Oscillations in Correlated Materials – Discovering Anomalous de Haas van Alphen Effects* Johannes Knolle and Giovanni Sordi
‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Carrier and Structural Dynamics in Halide Perovskites* Éamonn Murray and Nicholas Bristowe
Electrons, photons and energy in hybrid metal-semiconductor quantum nanostructures for advanced photovoltaics Ortwin Hess and Johannes Lischner
Towards control of thermal conductivity as a route to new and improved thermoelectrics Arash Mostofi, Nick Bristowe and Mark Senn
Accurate modelling of sintering and residual stresses in polycrystalline Diamond Daniele Dini, Daniel Balint and Serdar Ozbayraktar
Modelling the impact of vibrational modes on electronic dynamics and transport in molecular electronic materials and devices Jenny Nelson, Artem Bakulin and Jarvist Frost 

The Research Projects are approved by the TSM CDT Research Board which consisted of the following representatives in 2018:  Arash Mostofi (Physics), Johannes Lischner (Materials), Daniel Balint (Mechanical Engineering),  Fernando Bresme (Chemistry), Peter King (Earth Science Engineering), Ajit Panesar (Aeronautics), Erich Muller (Chemical Engineering), Catherine O'Sullivan (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Gunnar Pruessner (Mathematics).