Staff members are allocated different responsiblies across departments. Below is a list of contacts for individuals who are responsible for specific aspects of timetabling within the Faculty of Medicine (FoM). If you have an enquiry about timetabling please ensure to contact the correct person from the relevant departments that are listed below, this will speed the response to your enquiry.

Departmental Contact Information

Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)

 Name Contact
Student Timetabling Enquiries Medicine Staff


Room Booking Enquiries Faculty of Medicine Room Booking Office


Faculty of Medicine Room Booking Information and Enquiry Form 

Timetabling User Group (TUG) Representative

Michele Foot

Natasha Rao

Email: Ext: 47383

Email: Ext: 49806

Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG) Representative Chris Harris Email: Ext: 49819
Room Steward (ICLIS) Representative Faculty of Medicine Room Booking Office Email: 
AV Contact Faculty of Medicine Room Booking Office Email:  (queries will then be fielded to the AV technician at the correct site)
Celcat Departmental Roles Approver Michele Foot Email: Ext: 47383
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Timetabling Enhancement Group (TSEG) Representative

 NameContact Details
Timetabling Enhancement Group (TSEG) Representative Natasha Rao Email: Ext: 49806