Staff members are allocated different responsiblies across departments. Below is a list of contacts for individuals who are responsible for specific aspects of timetabling within the Faculty of Natural Sciences. If you have an enquiry about timetabling please ensure to contact the correct person from the relevant departments that are listed below, this will speed the response to your enquiry.

Departmental Contact Information

Centre for Environmental Policy (LF/ENVI)

 Name Contact
Student Timetabling Enquiries Centre for Environmental Policy Email:
Room Booking Enquiries

Administration Team

Marlon Curniffe


Email: Ext: 49285

Timetabling User Group (TUG) Representative Marlon Curniffe Email: Ext: 49285
Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG) Representative Karen Lyle Email: Ext: 49303
Room Steward (ICLIS) Representative Marlon Curniffe Email: Ext: 49285
AV Contact Martin Head Email: Ext: 49285
Celcat Departmental Roles Approver Marlon Curniffe Email: Ext: 49285

Chemistry (CH/CHEM)

 Name Contact
Student Timetabling Enquiries Chemistry Staff Link:
Room Booking Enquiries Chemistry Admin Team Email: Ext: N/A
Timetabling User Group (TUG) Representative Sarah Johnson Email:
Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG) Representative Raj Sandhu Email: Ext: 45721
Room Steward (ICLIS) Representative Tim Jefferson Email: Ext: 42371
AV Contact Charles Aigbokhai Email: Ext: 45111
Celcat Departmental Roles Approver Sarah S, Johnson Email:

Grantham Institute for Climate Change (CL)

 Name Contact
Student Timetabling Enquiries Climate Change Staff Link:
Room Booking Enquiries  

Gosia Gayer - Institute Administrator

Christiane Morgan - Personal and Administrative Assistant: Business and Policy

Linnea Luuppala - Education Administrator

Email Ext 49666

Email Ext 49668

Email Ext 48451

Timetabling User Group (TUG) Representative    
Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG) Representative    
Room Steward (ICLIS) Representative    
AV Contact    
Celcat Departmental Roles Approver

Christiane Morgan

Sophie Smith

Email: Ext 49668


Life Sciences (LA & LB/LIFE)

 Name Contact
Student Timetabling Enquiries Life Science Staff

Biochemistry/Biotechnology: ext: 45233

Biological Sciences: ext: 45399

Celcat and Room Booking Enquiries N/A Email: Ext: 45233/45398/45399 
Timetabling User Group (TUG) Representative James Andrewes Email: Ext: 45234
Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG) Representative Linda Giorgi Email: Ext: 45319
Room Steward (ICLIS) Representative N/A N/A
AV Contact Charles Aigbokhai Email: Ext: 50005
Celcat Departmental Roles Approver James Andrewes Email: Ext: 45234

Mathematics (MA/MATH)

 Name Contact
Student Timetabling Enquiries Maths Undergraduate Office Email:          
Room Booking Enquiries N/A Email:
Timetabling User Group (TUG) Representative Helen Haines Email:
Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG) Representative Helen Haines Email:
Room Steward (ICLIS) Representative N/A Email:
AV Contact Michael Edwards Email: Ext: 51844
Celcat Departmental Roles Approver Helen Haines Email:

Physics (PH/PHYS)

 Name Contact
Student Timetabling Enquiries UG Office Link:
Room Booking Enquiries

Derryck Stewart

Andrew Williamson

Email: Ext: 47561

Email: Ext: 47631

Timetabling User Group (TUG) Representative Derryck Stewart Email: Ext: 47561
Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG) Representative Victor Urubusi Email: Ext: 47508
Room Steward (ICLIS) Representative Derryck Stewart Email: Ext: 47561
AV Contact Niels Boyadjian Email: Ext: 45684
Celcat Departmental Roles Approver Derryck Stewart Email: Ext: 47561

Timetabling Support Enhancement Group (TSEG) Representative

 NameContact Details
 Timetabling Support Enhancement Group (TSEG) Representative  Derryck Stewart   Email: