What is ICLIS and what is its purpose?

ICLIS stands for Imperial College Location Inventory System

ICLIS is principally an inventory system – a single-source-of-truth for information relevant to the use of bookable rooms. The system also allows the distributed maintenance of the data by a network of typically departmental Room Stewards. Finally, ICLIS has some limited room requesting functionality. The core underlying data (building, room designation, metres squared etc.) are drawn from the Pythagoras Space Management System. Accessibility information is provided by DisabledGo and is linked to from ICLIS.  Finally, ICLIS data is used to ensure that the underlying space data in the Celcat Timetabling system is correct. Future space systems will also draw data from ICLIS (e.g. College Room Booking System).

What is Steward department and room Steward?

Rooms are typically embedded with departmental buildings. Although all space is College space, departments have a stewardship responsibility towards rooms located within their buildings. Stewardship includes managing booking requests from other College departments and centres as well as maintaining the room data in ICLIS (specifically, this is the responsibility of the Room Steward within the steward department.) Also a Room Steward is a member of staff with responsibility for recording any physical changes to rooms within his or her remit. This could include AV, furniture, layouts, capacity, equipment etc. Room bookers are responsible for ensuring that the room is available for prioritised use (i.e. teaching or exams) during its prioritised use phase, and for managing and prioritising requests for other types of use beyond that.

How to request a room on ICLIS?

If you wish to request a room for teaching purposes it is advised to contact departmental room booker to make the booking for you. If room is intended for a meeting then please use Planon and if its for a conference and events then please use the Web Room Bookings system. ICLIS is no longer used to book rooms as the college is transitioning the management of room booking to other systems (Celcat, Planon, Web Room Booking Systems). 

Why are some rooms display only (i.e I cannot submit a booking request)?

ICLIS contains a number of spaces such as laboratories that are unsuited to general use; or which are not booked using the Celcat system. Although it is not possible to use ICLIS to submit a booking request for these spaces, the booking contact appears within the room details and therefore it is possible to manually submit a request.

Please note: some rooms will provide additional information within the Room Details screen which you should follow.

How will I know if my request to book a room has been processed?

You will receive an email from your departmental room booker containing your original request, a booking reference number and confirmation from the steward department that the room has been allocated. This will also show on Celcat Calendar. If your preferred room is not available to book then your departmental adminstrator may provide an alternative room.

Does ICLIS have a manual?

A general user manual for ICLIS can be found at the following URL: ICLIS Guide for Room Stewards V5ICLIS Guide for Room Stewards V5ICLIS Guide for Room Stewards V5ICLIS Guide for Room.

If you have any enquiries about ICLIS please email the Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO)