What we do

The Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO) operations are integral to the College timetabling community. We are responsible for coordinating and supporting the departmental timetabling accesses, processes and systems enhancements. We UAT all systems before launch and ensure to deliver only the best of systems and products to our College departments. With a strong customer focus, our team provides quality assurance services in order to facilitate data transfers and ensure that timetabling data and outputs meet College policies and best practices.

What we do

User training and support

CTSO offer a wide range of training sessions and learning resources to help the College timetabling staff and departmental administrators easily access and navigate Celcat system, tools and products. The training sessions are run by our experienced trainers who tailor each session to meet staffs’ individual needs to carry out their duties. Our trainers have also created learning resources video tutorials and help sheets that staff can refer to after the training session; to help guide departmental timetablers through processes such as, how to create or duplicate events.

Policy and quality assurance

Timetabling support is the heart of what we do, we are passionate about improving College timetabling & space sharing and we are continuously working with other departments for data integrity checks, policy advice and implementation. This is to help create and enforce better processes and practices that will enhance staff and students experience.

Timetabling process management

Our team are here to support departments in every step of timetabling annual cycle. We provide support to departments from the very start of selecting data to complex data validation, installation and publication of annual timetabling plan. We provide manual and automated timetabling support and at specific periods of the academic year we instate departmental preferred choices of publication windows and products.

System administration& databases

CTSO works to protect departmental resources data, category information and events by providing only authorised staff, access to Celcat. We liaise closely with departmental administrators to update data and ensure data quality to agreed standards. We are also continuously working to enhance college systems by increasing synchronisation across departmental systems such as, interface between Celcat and KX, Celcat and SoV and look to continue our work to create more efficient, reliable and user friendly systems.

Service enhancement

Our core operations focus on

  • Policy
  • Procedures
  • Service Planning & Development
  • Data & Definitions
  • Training & Support
  • ICT/Supplier Liaison
  • Central Systems Liaison
  • Imperial Timetabling Community

We collaborate with Imperial Timetabling Community, ICT and relevant suppliers to collate user feedback and use it to identify opportunities to improve our processes, systems and services. Our ultimate goal is to create a better timetabling experience for departmental staff and students.


Meet our team

  • Helena Smith


    Personal details

    Helena Smith Director of Central Timetabling

    020 7594 1061

    Background & Contributions

    Helena has worked in higher education for over 20 years and has joined Imperial from another multi-site Russell Group university. Her role is to oversee the work within CTSO to support departments in delivering student focused timetables and to collaborate on the strategic role of timetabling within the College.

  • Tamsin King


    Personal details

    Tamsin King Deputy Director of Central Timetabling

    020 7594 2690

    Background & Contributions

    Tamsin has worked in further and higher education sectors for over 10 years. She holds a BSc in Business Computing Systems and a MA in Online and Distance Education, is a certified PRINCE2 practitioner, and has received her Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) accreditation.

  • Peter Laskey


    Personal details

    Peter Laskey Head of Exam Timetabling

    020 7594 5911

    Background & Contributions

    Peter's current role is to support departments implementing the College’s interim Examination Timetabling policy (in conjunction with its Space Programme and space sharing policy) and improve the overall exam experience for students where possible at the College.

  • Simon Nesbitt


    Personal details

    Simon Nesbitt Head of Timetabling Operations

    020 7594 5852

    Background & Contributions

    Simon joined CTSO in March 2019. He has 10 years’ experience in timetabling, joining Imperial after working at King’s College London as Timetabling Operations Manager. His role will involve co-ordinating with the Senior Timetabling Support Officers and operational improvements within the department.

  • Robson dos Santos


    Personal details

    Robson dos Santos Senior Timetabling Officer (Exams and Data)

    020 7594 5893

    Background & Contributions

    Robson’s had a variety of admin and teaching roles within the Further and Higher Education sectors over the last 10 years. Currently, Robson is seconded as a Cluster Timetabling Officer supporting Chemistry with the collation of their timetabling data and production of timetables through Celcat automation tools.

  • Geraldine Chan

    Geraldine Chan

    Personal details

    Geraldine Chan Senior Timetabling Officer (Joint Space Lead)

    020 7594 6693

    Background & Contributions

    Geraldine's  main role is to work closely with departmental staff from the SEQ Cluster to collate and transform timetabling data to enable the use of automation tools for cross department coordinated timetable construction for students and staff.

  • Katie Toutoudaki


    Personal details

    Katie Toutoudaki Senior Timetabling Officer (Systems – Projects)

    020 7594 0957

    Background & Contributions

    Katie joined CTSO in February 2019. She has 5 years of experience in timetabling for higher education. In her capacity as a Cluster Timetabling Officer, she will be assisting Maths and Computing in scheduling teaching events using the CELCAT automation engine.

  • Carolyne Croker


    Personal details

    Carolyne Croker Senior Timetabling Officer (Training)

    020 7594 8031

    Background & Contributions

    Carolyne 's main role is to develop and deliver training and training material for Celcat which is used by Timetablers and Room Bookers across the college. Carolyne also supports the Central Timetabling Team with data management projects. 


  • Anna Valentino


    Personal details

    Anna Valentino Senior Timetabling Officer (Systems – Current)

    020 7594 5890

    Background & Contributions

    Anna is currently seconded as Timetabling Officer. Her role is to develop training materials and deliver training sessions on all Celcat products. Anna is also involved in data management projects and timetabling products upgrades. Anna also completed a secondment in Faculty of Engineering for an Automation pilot.

  • Sabaa Ahmed


    Personal details

    Sabaa Ahmed Timetabling Support Assistant

    020 7594 6720

    Background & Contributions

    Sabaa supports CTSO team and wider college community in the timetabling annual cycle and all arising matters. For the next 12 months Sabaa will be actively supporting CTSO by maintaining Celcat records, reviewing college website and actively acting and documenting processes.