My.Imperial is the home for applications or links that support Staff and Students with work and/or study. Quick click links can be saved as tiles.

The Timetabling Dashboard application can be accessed via the My.Imperial platform. 

The purpose of the Timetabling Dashboard is to make specific information regarding Staff and Student's Timetabling publication and set up available and visible in an accessible and central location. 

Using the Timetabling Dashboard

I can use the Dashboard to...

  1. Check your own details are correct
  2. Check which publication tools you are set up for. Request other options if needed.
  3. Find your iCalandar Subscription Link
  4. Check the Groups/Teams and Modules you are associated with.

Log in....

Log in using your own College username and password. You will see your own details as they appear in Celcat - the timetabling software.

I am a Staff and a Student

As a Staff Member and/or Student you will see your own details as they appear in Celcat - the timetabling software.

If you are both a Staff Member and Student, you will see both of your records; which might be set up differently according to your requirements. 


I can't log into Dashboard

This might mean you have not yet been uploaded into the timetabling system, or your department has not yet released your timetable. 

Timetabling Dashboard is updated at 12.35 am and 13.05 pm. If your record has been loaded into the system in the morning, it won't be visible to you via the Timetabling Dashboard until after 13.05pm the same day. 

Please wait until after this time, and if you are still unable to log in, Contact your Department

My data appears to be incorrect....

Check the FAQ troubleshooting page for support and complete the troubleshooting form if you are still experiencing an issue. 

I am a support user

As a support user, you will see a 'search' icon as well as your own record data. This will allow you to search for other staff and students within the system to check their data is set up as expected and offer support.

Email Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO) to become a support user.


My Connections

My connection section shows;

  1. First accessed iCalendar data
  2. Last iCalendar link requested
  3. Last iCalendar data pulled
  4. Last browser used by iCalendar
  5. The date SOV last updated record and the Date CELCAT last updated

If these dates are prior to you making a request to change your data, the change will not yet be shown on Dashboard or on your timetable.

If the date for the last iCalendar data pull is not recent, this might indicate your timetable is not synchronising correctly. View troubleshoot FAQ page for more support or complete the troubleshoot an issue form

Publication windows

Publication windows may be applied by your department releasing a subsection of your timetable. 

Learn about Publication Windows and how they will affect you receiving your timetable.

Viewing your timetable

There are several ways to view your timetabling data. Learn more about the different options

Calendar is a web-based application allowing you to view the full year. 

AutoCalEx is an automated push service pushing your timetable directly into your College Outlook Calendar.

iCalendar is a subscriptive service allowing you to download an overlay calendar.