Celcat Timetabler WebPublisher

A configurable publication service which allows you to choose when and how much of the timetable you want to publish.

Timetabler Web Publisher and printing pdfs from the Celcat Client

The Celcat client and Celcat Web Publisher products are only available to College staff who are actively involved in creating the timetable. The results, if used by your department, will be made available to both Staff and Students.

They can be used to display timetables on plasmas around the College, on departmental websites, blackboard, or print to pdfs. 

Displaying the timetable using these products will mean the timetable is a static copy, created at the time of publication. It might be updated overnight, or when it is manually updated by a member of staff. 

If you are experiencing difficulties in viewing your timetable via plasma, departmental website, blackboard or opening your pdf, further support can be found by contacting the ICT Service Desk.

If you need an additional pdf copy of your timetable, or to discuss the content on your timetable, contact your Departmental contact