Benchmarking Groups

The RTSC facilitates and manages eight programmes of international transport benchmarking in the rail, metro, light-rail, bus and air transport sectors.  The benchmarking groups facilitated by the RTSC include:

What is benchmarking?

The process of benchmarking can be defined as “a structured approach to identify actions that lead to superior performance”. Benchmarking is not merely a comparison of performance data or a creation of league tables. Performance measurements, for example, deliver little benefit on their own, but they stimulate productive questions and lines of enquiry for more in-depth analysis and research.

In the public transport benchmarking groups, there has been a strong focus on results that can be implemented, performance improvement, and on informing strategy. For this reason benchmarking group members undertake a variety of detailed case studies each year in wide-ranging but focused areas of bus management. Many studies identify best practices in operations and management; others offer key insights that can drive strategy and policy and provide information to support better dialogue with city governments, regulators, and other stakeholders.