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Laboratory overview

The field of transportation is undergoing a revolution, fuelled by the recent advances in computation, communications, autonomy and machine learning. The mission of the Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory (TSL) is to conduct research on the interface between transportation theory and enabling technologies and develop tools and algorithms that improve the quality, efficiency and resilience of transport operations across all modes.

Our research is underpinned by expertise in Network Modelling, Game Theory, Mathematical Optimisation, Autonomous Systems and Simulation, and supported by the facilities of the Intelligent Infrastructure and Transport Systems (IITS) Laboratory. We are a constituent unit of the Centre for Transport Studies, and affiliated with the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation, the Port Operations Research and Technology Centre and the Imperial Robotics Forum.

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  • TEL and TSL awarded funding to develop new congestion charging technologies based on vehicle emissions.
  • Angeloudis appointed Chief Scientific Advisor to CharterDirect, a new Imperial College spinout.
  • Escribano and Angeloudis joined the United Nations World Food Programme UAV Working Group.
  • Angeloudis was interviewed by the Associated Press on the use of robotic delivery technology in urban logistics.

Recent Publications

  • Attacker-defender modelling of vulnerability in maritime logistics corridors (link)
  • A Multi-Objective GA-based Optimisation for Holistic MTA of Precast Construction (link)
  • Global LNG trade: A comprehensive up to date analysis (link)
  • Strategic maritime container service design in oligopolistic markets (link)
  •  Modelling the impact of liner shipping network perturbations on container cargo routing (link)

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Panagiotis Angeloudis (Director)
Simon Hu (Research Fellow)
Pablo Achurra (Research Associate)
Daniel Ainalis  (Research Associate)
Mino Woo (Research Associate)
Ali Niknejad (Research Software Engineer)

Doctoral Students

Nils Goldbeck, Nina JirouskovaLeo HsuRenos KaramanisJose Escribano, Tianye Zhu, Tim Haughton, Roxanne Yaoyuan Zhang

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