Multi-objective optimisation for holistic manufacturing, transportation and assembly (MtA) of precast construction

Resource scheduling of construction proposals allows project managers to assess resource requirements, provide costs and analyse potential delays. The Manufacturing, transportation and Assembly (MtA) sectors of precast construction projects are strongly linked, but considered separately during the scheduling phase. However, it is important to evaluate the cost and time impacts of consequential decisions from manufacturing up to assembly. In our research, we use a multi-objective Genetic Algorithm-based (GA-based) searching technique to solve unified MtA resource scheduling problems (which are equivalent to extended Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems) with the aim of minimising time and cost while maximising safety. Our model is evaluated and compared to other exact and non-exact models using instances from the literature and scenarios inspired from real precast constructions.

MTA model
Example of a manufacturing, transportation and assembly model
MTA schedule
Optimised schedule for an manufacturing, transportation and assembly project