Turbocharger research

Welcome to Imperial College London’s Turbo Group. Our world class expertise in turbocharging and exhaust gas energy recovery, supported by unique test facilities, can help your turbochargers run as efficiently as possible.

The Turbo Group at Imperial College is a world-leading centre for experimental and numerical aerothermal research into turbochargers, whole engine air systems, and waste heat recovery. Our expertise covers:

  • Experimental measurement of steady and pulsating flows in turbocharger turbines, using our high-speed eddy current dynamometer; and in turbocharger compressors, using our motored compressor test rig
  • Experimental measurement of transient-pulsating flows in high performance engine air systems, using TASR, the Transient Air System Rig
  • Research and testing of electrical turbochargers, superchargers and turbogenerators, and the associated cooling and heat transfer in electrical machines
  • Steady and unsteady turbomachinery 3D CFD
  • Multi-objective design optimization of turbocharger turbine wheels and volutes, informed by 3D CFD
  • 0D and 1D turbocharger performance and gas dynamic models for engine-turbocharger simulations
  • Modelling of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Design, development and testing of novel turbocharging concepts

We provide consulting services into all these areas through IC Consultants Ltd (ICON), the consulting company of Imperial College London.