Important: Students should not restrict their search for a supervisor to those listed below. Use other sources of information on research groups to find out about possible supervisors. Most UROP research experiences are obtained with staff who do not advertise their availability. However, please also take note of the list of non-participating staff.

UROP Opportunities in the Faculty of Engineering
Title of UROP Opportunity (Research Experience) & DetailsExperience required (if any)Contact Details and any further Information

Digital ElectronicsThe development of tools and techniques to help automate the design of digital circuits from high level specifications. The implementation of algorithms in reconfigurable hardware or combined hardware/software

An interest and skills in both software and hardware (digital).


Prof George Constantinides, Circuits and Systems Research Group, Dept of Electrical Engineering, Room 910, Electrical Engineering Building, South Kensington Campus. Tel: 020 7594 6299 Email:

Non-Destructive Testing: Components and structures in safety-critical applications must be tested before service and at intervals during their operating life to ensure that there are no defects such as cracks or delaminations present which could cause failure. The tests which are carried out must not damage the component and are, therefore, termed non-destructive. Many parameters which can give information about the integrity of components are measured but there is no universally applicable technique and several areas, such as adhesive joints, are not adequately covered by existing test methods.

Current research is investigating the potential of sonic vibration and ultrasonic measurements for the detection of defects. Opportunities are available in these areas.

  Professor Mike Lowe, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rm 461a, Mechanical Engineering Building, South Kensington Campus. Tel: 020 759 47071; Email:

[NEW : 2 Dec 2019] Determining the effect of fat and salt structure in the mechanical properties of cheese: The project will study the mechanical properties of cheeses with modified sugar and salt structures I order to determine the effect of these microstructural effects to their bulk behaviour. Fracture, tensile and compression experiments will be performed. In collaboration with our collaborators at Sheffield Hallam University, we will correlate the changes in the microstructure to the measured properties. The work will contribute towards a collaborative project on developing cheeses associated with healthier attributes such as lower energy density and reduced salt.

Skills and experience required: The project would suit well students from any of these courses: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Aeronautics.

Contact details: Prof Maria Charalambides, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, South Kensington Campus, CAG Building 516. Email:; Tel: 02075947246.

Preferred Dates of Placement: Summer 2020

A bursary is expected to be available for the successful applicant.

UROP Opportunities in the Faculty of Engineering
UROP Opportunities in the Faculty of Engineering