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Title of UROP Opportunity (Research Experience) & DetailsExperienced required (if any)Contact Details and any further Information


Bioinformatic approaches for malaria vector controlThis is a computer based project that would involve mining genomic data from ~800 mosquito individuals sequenced as part of the Anopheles gambiae 1000 genomes project ( We will be looking for various genetic motifs that are relevant to our mosquito control project. These will include looking for Y chromosome markers in female mosquitoes to estimate the number of mated females that were sampled, and looking for PiggyBac-like sequences that could result in off-target effects in transgenic mosquitoes.

Skills and experience required: The student must have an interest in bioinformatics. They would need to be computer literate, and not afraid to attempt big-data handling using command-line tools. Some training will be given, but the student should be prepared to work independently most of the time.

Summer vacation (from end July 2017)

Contact details: Dr Samantha O’Loughlin, Ecology and Evolution, Dept of Life Sciences, Silwood Park Campus, Kennedy Building 2.9. Email:;  Tel: +44 (0) 207 594 2379

NEW: 25 July

Developing an artificial meniscus for the knee: Measurement of knee joints, design of shape to manufacture, building a test rig and running it

Skills and experience required: Mostly practical hands-on ability, could suit both medics and engineers, for example

Preferred Dates of UROP: To start as soon as possible, then end date by negotiation.

A bursary is available to the successful applicant.

Contact details: Professor Andrew Amis, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, South Kensington Campus, City & Guilds Building 713. Email:, Tel: 020 7594 7062

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