Upcoming Network Events

These are internal meetings open to all Imperial Staff and Students. Others wishing to attend should first please contact Dorian Haskard (d.haskard@imperial.ac.uk)

NHLI Vascular Science Section Seminars

All Section seminars are held in the Seminar Room 527/528 5th Floor ICTEM Building, Hammersmith Campus unless stated.

Network Symposia

19 Feb  2020 Afternoon symposium on "Blood out-growth endothelial cells (BOEC)/ endothelial colony-forming cells (ECFC)". ICTEM 4th floor seminar room, Hammersmith Campus. Convenor: Anna Randi

23 March 2020 Afternoon Symposium on "How can “organ-on-a-chip” help understand vascular function". Invention Rooms, White City Campus. Convenor: Beata Wojciak-Stothard

June (exact date TBC) 2020 Afternoon symposium on“The clot thickens – thrombosis and haemostasis in vascular research”. Convenor: Tom McKinnon

21 July 2020  Graduate student presentations. 14:00 - 18:00. Invention Rooms, White City Campus. Convenor: Dorian Haskard

Previous events

Previous internal events

11 Dec 19 Afternoom symposium on "The impact of pollution on vascular health". Invention Rooms, White City Campus. Conveners: Wisia Wedzicha and Terry Tetley. View presentations: Vascular Science Network 11 December 2019 Symposium (PDF)

4 Dec 2019 Cardio-Respiratory seminar series lecture: Dr Alan Harper, Keele University, “Developing platelet-targeted magnetic nanoparticles to treat cardiovascular disease”.

2 Dec 2019 NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture: Dr Minna Kaikkonen-Määttä, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Genomics, University of Eastern Finland, "Sequencing deep into the mechanisms of atherosclerosis"

25 Nov 2019  NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture:  Dr Rasha Al-Lamee, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Interventional Cardiology Consultant at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, "Breaking bad news : lessons learnt from Orbita"

30 Oct 2019 Afternoon symposium on molecular targeting of the vasculature. Invention Rooms, White City Campus. - view Presentations: Vascular Science Network 30 October 2019 Symposium (PDF)

21 Oct 2019 NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture  -Professor Tim Chico, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Sheffield "Imaging neurovascular development, anatomy and function using zebrafish

14 Oct 2019 NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture  - Professor Michael Simons, Yale School of Medicine "Arteries at a single cell level- normalcy and disease"  

23 July 2019 - Graduate Student Symposium, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Rooms G34 and 122 - view Vascular Science Network presentations 23 July 2019 (PDF)

17 July 2019 - Afternoon symposium on research opportunities in vasculitis, Room 427/8 ICTEM, Hammersmith Campus - view Vasculitis Network symposium Programme July 17 2019 (PDF)

13 June 2019 - One-day symposium on the vasculature and the lung. Invention Rooms, White City Campus. - view Vascular Network meeting June 13 2019 (PDF)

18 March 2019. NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture- "Membrane-bound Kit-ligand function in development and disease"  Dr Mario Buono, MRC Molecular Haematology Unit, University of Oxford.

25 February 2019. NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture: “Adaptable endothelial cells for uncovering molecular determinants of vascular heterogeneity”; Dr Shahin Rafii is a Professor of Medicine and Genetic Medicine Director, Ansary Stem Cell Center for Regenerative Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York.#

18 February 2019: NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture: 'Omics and clinical phenotyping in pulmonary hypertension" - Dr Chris Rhodes, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London.

5 February 2019: Dementia Research Institute seminar: "Vascular inflammation and lipidomics of vitamin E" - Professor Val O'Donnell, Systems Immunity Research Institute, Cardiff University.

10 December 2018: Christmas Lecture: "Smooth muscle cell progenitors: survival, fate and clonality" - Professor Daniel Greif, Yale University School of Medicine.

1 October 2018: NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture: "Bioengineering approaches to vessels, including optical imaging and modelling of lymphatics" - Professor James Moore (Imperial, Bioengineering).

24 September 2018: Haematology seminar: "Functional genomics of hematopoietic lineages" - Dr Mattia Frontini (University of Cambridge, Haematology).

24 July 2018: Graduate student presentations. Vascular Network Presentations Programme (DOC)‌.

23 July 2018: NHLI Vascular Sciences Lecture: "Protein kinase SYK in vasculitis and glomerulonephritis" - Professor Frederick Tam from Faculty of Medicine, Imperial.

23 March 2018: "Immunomodulation via the cardiac lymphatic system to improve heart repair" - BHF Centre of Research Excellence seminar by guest speaker Professor Paul Riley of the University of Oxford.

26 March 2018: Vascular Science Network Launch Meeting including posters and introductory talks with opening remarks from the Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) Nick Jennings. Read about the event on Imperial News.

6 December 2017: "Regulation of the macrophage epigenome: relevance for cardiovascular disease" a seminar by Professor Menno P.J. de Winther.

15 November 2017: Expert lecture – “The Athlete’s Heart” by Professor Jamil Mayet.