Our research interests within Biology include the following areas:

  • Cell-cell adhesion signalling
  • Effects of metabolic pathways on vascular cells
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying haemostasis and thrombosis
  • Gene regulation in endothelial cells and macrophages
  • Molecular and cell biology of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis
  • Role of the immune system in vascular homeostasis and disease
  • Leukocyte interactions with the vessel wall
  • Biology of atherosclerosis and plaque rupture
  • Use of zebrafish to study blood vessels in inflammation and cancer
  • Preclinical imaging, including intra-vital microscopy
  • Development of vascular targeting of macromolecular therapeutics
  • Vascular tissue regeneration
  • Vascular biology of hypoxia
  • Vascular biology of the intestine

Researchers in this area

Professor Ian Adcock, Dr Josefin Ahnstroem, Professor Eric Alton, Dr Graeme Birdsey, Professor Marina Botto, Dr Joe Boyle, Dr Vania Braga, Dr Laurence Bugeon, Professor Dave Carling, Professor Edwin Chilvers, Dr Andrew Cowburn, Dr Jim Crawley, Professor Maggie Dallman, Dr Rens de Groot, Professor Costanza Emanuli, Dr Mike Emerson, Professor Uta Griesenbach, Professor Dorian Haskard, Dr Nick Kirkby, Professor David Lane, Dr Birgit Leitinger, Professor Clare Lloyd, Dr Tom McKinnon, Professoressor Jane Mitchell, Dr Charis Pericleous, Dr Greg Quinlan, Dr Claudio Raimondi, Dr Saravana Ramasamy, Professor Anna Randi, Dr Isabelle Salles-Crawley, Dr Chris Schiering, Professor James Scott, Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard, Professor Terry Tetley, Dr Kevin Woollard  and Professor Lan Zhao.