Our research interests within Engineering and the Physical Sciences include the following areas: 

  • Mechanics of blood and lymph flow
  • Cellular mechanics and mechano-signalling transduction
  • Imaging image analysis
  • Design of novel chemical agents for vascular imaging and therapeutic targeting.
  • Vascular glycobiology
  • Vascular tissue engineering
  • Engineering new endovascular treatments.

Researchers in this area

Dr Sam Au, Dr Anil Bharath, Professor Anne Dell, Dr Peter DiMaggio, Dr Chris Dunsby, Professor David Firmin, Professor Paul French, Dr Matt Fuchter, Dr Stuart Haslam, Dr Nazila Kamaly, Professor Nick Long, Dr James McGinty, Professor Jimmy Moore, Dr Darryl Overby, Professor Kim Parker, Dr Tobias Reichenbach, Professor Spencer Sherwin, Professor Molly Stevens, Dr Mengxing Tang, Professor Ramon Vilar Comte, Professor Peter Weinberg and Professor Yun Xu.