Imperial Festival

Imperial Festival - Kazarian group membersOur group participated in the inaugural Imperial Festival in 2012 as well as subsequent festivals in 2013, 2014 and 2016 where we showcased our research achievements on an interactive display and video screen, as well as performed live experiments with the participation of visitors using a portable spectrometer, to demonstrate how infrared spectroscopy can reveal information about materials and even fingerprints.

We also presented our research on chemical imaging of fingreprints at the Imperial Fringe in November 2016: Criminal Investigations event which was open to all and more details can be found here.

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2010

Our group logo used at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition An overview of our research, which was in a printed leaflet form at the exhibition, provides a summary of the main research fields we are currently working, and a more detailed insight of our research.  The Royal Society website also contains information on our exhibit and teaching materials from the exhibition are listed in the section below.

Brochure  (Requires a PDF viewer)

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2010 website

Professor Sergei Kazarian at the 2010 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Professor Sergei Kazarian talks about his Chemical Photography stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

Teaching Materials

An outline of some of the scientific principles of Infrared spectroscopy and the technological developments allowing infrared spectroscopy to become the powerful analytical technique it is today. Also an brief introduction to Chemical Imaging.

History of Infrared Spectroscopy

Principles behind Infrared Spectroscopy

Spectroscopic imaging

For further resources regarding Infrared Spectroscopy and how it fits into the UK Educational Curricula, including Practical experiments, visit the Royal Society Teachers' Resource pages

Royal Society Teachers' Resources

Preparation of our exhibit on

Selected events and presentations

Science Festival in Moscow: Following successful presentations at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2010, our Research Group was invited by the British Embassy in Moscow to showcase our research at the 2011 All Russia Science Festival. This was a great opportunity to present our work to members of the Russian public, schoolchildren and other scientists. The event was a great success and ran from the 7th to 9th of October 2011 attracting over 350 thousands visitors across 80 locations in Moscow.  Whilst there, we took part in two Innovation Roundtables hosted by the British Embassy which were attended by prominent scientists and the media. 


Photo of the team at the Science Festival in Moscow
Dr. Andrew Chan, Ms Stefanie Glassford , Dr. John Watson, Mr. Patrick Wray, Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Prof. Sergei Kazarian, near the British Embassy in Moscow during All Russia Science Festival October 2011 and after lecture presentation at the Embassy. 


Our Group took part in the Science Uncovered 2011 event at the Natural History Museum in London presenting our research to public.  We take active part in the Engineering and Science Summer Schools and “How Science Works” days at Imperial College London. 

Prof. Kazarian presented lecture "New Insights with Chemical Imaging" at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution on 25 April 2008. 

ERC Advanced Grant

New chemical analysis techniques - Professor Sergei Kazarian

Professor Sergei Kazarian discusses being awarded an ERC Advanced Grant.