Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also apply for your MSc in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Biology?

Our MSc in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology provides excellent training to pursue research in these areas. Indeed many of our MSc students proceed to funded PhD places in top institution in the UK and overseas. We do not have any financial support for students on this MSc course. You can also apply for this MSc course in addition to this 4-year Programme and you should submit to Registry via the web the standard Imperial College Postgraduate Application for a Taught Programme.

How does having a Master’s degree affect my application and the training?

This PhD programme aims to bring students into interdisciplinary research in bioscience and biomedicine, and it includes an MSc year. Accordingly, all our students, even if they have a Master’s, take our first year MSc programme before starting their PhD.

I have a PhD – am I eligible?

We regret that you are not eligible if you have a PhD degree, even if it is in a quite different subject.

I have a clinical qualification – am I eligible?

Sorry you are not eligible. The Wellcome Trust runs PhD programmes for clinically qualified students as detailed on their webpage.

Can I take parental leave?

We adopt a flexible policy for parental leave including part-time working and we modify the milestones accordingly. Parental leave will be far easier to arrange after the first (MSc) year, particularly after the initial taught component (September to January).

Can I do the course part time?

Normally this is a full time course. The course can only be undertaken part time for parental leave (see above) or for some other mitigating circumstances. Please contact us if you require further information.

Can I undertake my research outside Imperial?

Your MSc year must be at Imperial. We expect that your PhD research will only be at Imperial and will only be outside if your supervisor considers this essential for your training.

Do I decide on a research project and supervisor when I apply?

The aim of the Programme is to provide diverse training with rotation projects in the first year so students can make an informed choice of supervisors and projects. Therefore you do not nominate a supervisor on application. Moreover, certain supervisors may not be eligible to take students in a particular year.

Can I apply if I am an EU national?

Yes. EU and home students are both eligible for full fees, stipend and research support. Indeed several PhD students are EU nationals who are not UK nationals. For students who qualify for EU fees, if you join the programme in October 2019 your fees will be fully covered by the programme as they will not subsequently change to overseas fees over the course of the 4 year programme.

Can I apply if I am not a UK/EU national and would register as an overseas student?

You can apply. In general, you will need to pay the difference between home/EU and overseas fees and your financial arrangement must be fully secured at the time of interview. There is one scholarship for an exceptional overseas student to provide the fees top up. Please refer to the Stipend and fees section. We are particularly keen to have a diverse cohort of students and encourage applications from developing countries.

What is the structure of the first year MSc?

You will follow the MSc in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology. Your supervisors for the rotation projects will be potential supervisors for your PhD.