Imperial College have installed a giant outdoor screen outside Scale Space. The content on this screen is primarily for members of Scale Space and White City Campus users as part of the wider placemaking work taking place at White City. The screen is located directly opposite Phase A of Scale Space, adjacent to the new Sports Space, and cannot be moved. 

The screen displays a constant deck of slides on rotation throughout the day, with content falling in the below categories: 

  • 'Welcome to White City Campus' and ‘Welcome to Scale Space’ messaging 
  • News stories and updates 
  • Promotion of White City Campus and Scale Space events 
  • Campus offers  
  • Sporting events  
  • Seasonal messaging 

This selection has been chosen to focus on messaging that is most relevant to the audiences, namely Scale Space members and visitors and Imperial campus staff, visitors and students.

Want to get your content on our Big Screen?

Here are all the main topics which will not be considered as part of displayable content:

-       Inappropriate language

-       Violence

-       Adult content

-       Harmful, shocking or dangerous themes

-       Hate speech or derogatory content

-       Recreational drug or tobacco-related themes

-       Firearms-related content

-       Controversial or sensitive issues/events

We ask that any content request falls within an appropriate scope, aimed at the correct audience as outlined above. Content which is deemed inappropriate or irrelevant will not be considered.

If you are interested in sharing content on the screen, please contact with a brief outline of your request and when you would want this displayed (date/s and time/s).

You will then be supplied with a PowerPoint template to populate. Once you send this back and the overall the slide is approved, it will be added to the content schedule. We ask that this process is completed at least one week (5 working days) prior to the day you’d like it to show on the screen.

Style guidelines

All content must follow the style guidelines which will be provided to you via the PowerPoint slide:

  • The template will have a set format, colours and font 
  • We will only accept jpegs and graphics that are high-resolution 
  • Please stick to a maximum of 2 slides (preferably single slide)

Please note that video content will not be allowed.

Special events

If you are looking to use the screen as part of an event at Scale Space or the wider Campus, please contact Amna Siddiq, PR and Events Manager (

The takeover will run during the time of your event and will automatically switch back to the rolling content deck when your event finishes.