Agents for Change - Women's Leadership Programme

Agents for Change Launch Event (9 May 2018)

Agents for Change Launch Event (9 May 2018)

Agents for Change Launch Event (9 May 2018)


To mark International Women’s Day 2017, Hammersmith United Charities organised a day of activities celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. During an inspiring talk by Sian Alexander, Executive Director of the Lyric Theatre, and Professor Maggie Dallman, Vice President (International) at Imperial College London, an audience member proposed a women’s empowerment programme in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. 

There is established evidence from across the world that more empowered women result in stronger communities. Enhancing women's confidence, helping women develop strong leadership skills and improving their access to effective local networks will enable them to take enhanced roles in community organisations, local business and local public sector organisations ensuring that organisations reflect the needs of everyone locally. In the poorest communities, it is often women who bear the brunt of poverty, but when a woman is empowered, she becomes a catalyst for change whose success benefits not only herself but everyone around her.

With this in mind, a number of discussions have taken place between Hammersmith United Charities and Imperial College London with the support of The Lyric Hammersmith and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham which has led to the development of the Agents for Change pilot.  

Professor Maggie Dallman at the launch event'We know that White City is full of talented, ambitious women, but that they often face barriers to achieving their full potential. We also know that empowering women results in strengthened communities. This programme will equip women to become catalysts for change, with benefits not only to themselves but to everyone around them.'

Professor Maggie Dallman OBE,  Vice President (International) at Imperial College London

Objectives of the Programme

The first programme of its kind in the UK, Agents for Change aims to support women to feel confident in taking leadership roles in all areas of their life.

It is designed to address specific barriers that prevent local women from achieving their full potential, equipping them to strengthen and empower both themselves and their local communities.

This will be achieved through:

  • the creation of a female supporters bank, to harness the skills, experience and networks of established women in the area and beyond;
  • developing a six-month women’s leadership programme, co-designed with local women to develop and extend the skills of participants to enable them to make the most of their talents and abilities across all aspects of their lives;
  • the creation of an on-going women’s leadership network made up of women who have participated in the programme as attendees or as supporters, to provide mutual support, foster partnership and stimulate community innovation.