The White City Campus will be open to everyone. We’ve developed our plans for connections to all of the surrounding neighbourhoods and built on our ideas for the common spaces at the heart of the development.

Our masterplan is based around key pedestrian routes connecting neighbouring areas to the north, south, east and west. To make access to our campus as easy as possible, these routes have shaped the large open space at the heart of the site and influenced our illustrative landscaping strategy.

Together, these pedestrian routes and open spaces also determine the development plots for new buildings. We want our campus to be full of life and activity. Its open spaces will be attractive focal points which welcome everyone in. The high-quality public realm will be a vibrant place, with a series of flexible outdoor spaces linked by key pedestrian routes. They could be used to host events, science and technology exhibitions, or performances.

Indicative view of landscaping looking north through the site

Indicative view of arrival into the campus over proposed bridge, from South Africa Road