Our masterplan will allow us to develop a world-leading campus which can respond to the challenges and changes in science and technology over many years to come.

During our first consultation, we introduced our draft masterplan which was designed to be as flexible as possible. We have illustrated a possible version of the scheme to give a sense of what the development could look like in the future.

Flexible masterplan

Our planning application will:

  • Fix the public areas within the campus and the maximum amount of development
  • Set maximum heights – 6 to 13 storeys for the research and business buildings, and 17 and 32 storeys for the two residential buildings
  • Set out requirements for the detailed design of future buildings, such as setting back upper floors to allow views into/out of the campus and measuresto maximise sunlight in the central space
  • Provide more detailed information about taller buildings, to give a better idea of future design quality

Development zones and plots


These show the location of future buildings.


These are flexible areas and future buildings will vary in height and footprint within maximum parameters. This will be decided as the user for each building comes forward. Each building will require a detailed planning application and further consultation to confirm its scale and appearance.

Indicative view of the central space looking south

Indicative view of the central space looking north