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The involvement of local people is helping to shape this exciting new part of White City and we have listened to your feedback.

In spring 2017, we spoke to local residents, businesses and community organisations to get their comments on our draft proposals. More than 130 people came to our public exhibitions, and we received lots of feedback which we’ve been reviewing as we have developed the proposals.

More than 70 per cent of respondents said that they fully or broadly supported our proposals for a research and innovation campus, while 63 per cent said they fully or broadly supported our proposals for supporting uses, including new homes and a hotel, cafés and restaurants, and community spaces.

Lots of people also gave comments and suggestions, both in support of the proposals as well as expressing suggestions or concerns about some specific issues. Key themes are set out in more detail below.

How we are using your feedback

All of your feedback is helping us to understand the priorities and aspirations of the local community.

At the moment, we are consulting on an outline planning application. This will cover the general parameters for development, but not details like design or the occupiers of new buildings. These elements will be set through further discussions and planning applications, which will be subject to public consultation.

Some of your feedback may be too specific to be addressed in this planning application, but we are listening and will keep it on record as we deliver the campus over many years to come. We are here for the long term and look forward to working closely with you.

Your comments included...

How we are responding...

Support for our plans

Lots of support for the campus and our proposals or the future

We’re delighted that so many people support our plans. The three core masterplan principles (which we consulted on in the spring) have been developed further in our updated plans.


Some support for our proposal to relocate the tall building and others asking that we keep it close to the Westway

Concerns about the height of buildings

The buildings we’re proposing will be similar in height or lower than those in neighbouring developments and they fall within the parameters set by local planning policy. There is already planning permission for a 32-storey building on the site – we are proposing to move it to the south of the site, which we believe is a better location.

Local community

Local people should be able to get involved in activity at the campus

We want to become fully involved in the White City community and work closely with our neighbours for many years to come. You may have already visited The Invention Rooms, our dedicated community space on Wood Lane, where we are hosting a range of hands-on activities and events to share the wonder of science and technology. This is just the beginning.

Residential uses

Desire for social housing

Support for housing Imperial key workers

Some concerns about how appropriate the site is for housing

Our plans include around 370 new homes and we are proposing that a portion will be provided at affordable levels for Imperial key workers, including Imperial NHS staff. As a world-leading university we need to attract and retain the very best people – providing more affordable accommodation is one way to help do just that.

Access and connectivity

The site should be accessible for the local community

It's important to provide the underpass linking the campus to Latimer Road

Our plans will make sure that the campus is accessible to everyone. We’re providing many new pedestrian links through the site and to surrounding neighbourhoods to the north, south, east and west. We’re continuing our efforts to deliver the underpass by working with the many parties involved.

Variety of uses on site

Support for plans to locate a range of different uses on the site

Some suggestions for possible uses, such as theatre or arts space, or a specialist STEM academy

Our masterplan is a mixed-use proposal which provides space for research, business and collaboration with the community, as well as food and beverage, retail and leisure. Lots of different specific uses and occupiers could be possible in the future – that’s why flexibility is designed into our proposals. We’ll keep people informed and involved as our plans develop in the coming years.