The Molecular Sciences Research Hub

The Molecular Sciences Research Hub


The White City Campus is built around the idea of co-location – bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs and industry in one place, to create a critical mass of activities across science, innovation and commercialisation.

ChemFab spaces

Chemistry will be an active participant in this emerging translation and innovation culture. The ChemFab workshop will be an engine for innovation, a prototyping facility offering scientists, entrepreneurs and start-ups access to state-of-the-art technology and expertise. The ChemFab design studio will provide a stimulating environment for new enterprises, a space for people to meet, connect and collaborate.

Partnering with industry

The Molecular Science Research Hub will provide the flexible infrastructure needed to host visiting industry collaborators, enabling academic and external researchers to work shoulder-to-shoulder on common challenges. At a time when industry is looking for fewer, but deeper, connections with its university partners, the flexibility will give the MSRH a crucial competitive advantage.

A centre for engagement with science

Reflecting Chemistry's vision for an outward-facing chemical and molecular science, the Department's ambition is that the Molecular Sciences Research Hub becomes an international centre for public and political engagement with science. A centre for chemical policy, a home for high-profile public lectures and an art-meets-science exhibition space are among the initiatives that will be possible at White City. In addition, it will be home to the ChemBox challenge room, a space where cross-sector collaborations can be formed to address shared challenges.

This culture of engagement will stimulate closer links between science, government, business and industry, ensuring that Chemistry's research and education remains relevant to government and industry needs, and that the Department stands ready to translate scientific discovery for the widest societal benefit and commercial application.

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