Mission. Our mission is to deliver novel medical devices to doctors and patients by using biochemical engineering and optics to help patients and doctors diagnose, treat and monitor life-threatening metabolic disorders and diseases to increase the quality of patient care.

Vision. Our vision is to be a world leading laboratory to engineer and build innovative medical devices which can directly impact in healthcare globally.

Values. Patient-centric design, ownership, inclusivity, open to listening to others and learning, aiming big, sustainable approach, respectful communication, and delivering positive outcomes.

Research scope. Our group’s research interests are primarily focused on the development and validation of biophotonic medical devices and sensors for application in clinical or point-of-care diagnostics. We conduct research to create novel materials and photonics devices that can reversibly sense biomarkers in biological samples at nano/micromolar sensitivity. The applications of these biophotonic technologies are in wearable devices, minimally-invasive sensors with subcutaneous probes, and implantable chips for prolonged biomarker monitoring.

Servo motors to control equipment


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