Our group offers a wide range of laser fabrication and optical characterisation equipment. If you would like to collaborate with our group in using this equipment, please get in touch.

EquipmentImageData Sheet
 1. Quantel Q-Smart 850 Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser (1064 nm (1st harmonic), 532 nm (2nd harmonic), 355 nm (3rd harmonic), 5 ns, 430 mJ)  



 Product Datasheet for Quantel Q-Smart 850
 2. FOBA V.0020-uv Pulsed Nd:YVO4 laser marking laser (20 ns, 355 nm)  



 Product Datasheet for FOBA V.0020-uv
 3. Leica DM2700 P Upright Microscope for Polarisation  


 Product Datasheet for Leica DM2700 P
  4. FLAME-S-VIS-NIR-ES Spectrometer Assembly (350-1000nm) (Ocean Optics)



 Product Datasheet for FLAME-S-VIS-NIR-ES
 5. Visible Near-Infrared Light Source, HL-2000-HP-FHSA (20W)  (Ocean Optics)
 Light source

 Product Datasheet for Visible Near-Infrared Light Source
 6. pH meter (FiveEasy F20, Mettler Toledo)
 pH meter  Product Datasheet for pH meter
 7. Bellingham + Stanley Abbe 5 Refractometer  Refractometer  Product Datasheet for Refractometer
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