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AB - Air-stable semiconducting inks suitable for complementary logic are key tocreate low-power printed integrated circuits (ICs). High-performance printableelectronic inks with two-dimensional materials have the potential to enable thenext generation of high performance, low-cost printed digital electronics. Herewe demonstrate air-stable, low voltage (< 5 V) operation of inkjet-printedn-type molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and p-typeindacenodithiophene-co-benzothiadiazole (IDT-BT) field-effect transistors(FETs), estimating a switching time of {\tau} ~ 3.3 {\mu}s for the MoS2 FETs.We achieve this by engineering high-quality MoS2 and air-stable IDT-BT inkssuitable for inkjet-printing complementary pairs of n-type MoS2 and p-typeIDT-BT FETs. We then integrate MoS2 and IDT-BT FETs to realise inkjet-printedcomplementary logic inverters with a voltage gain |Av| ~ 4 when in resistiveload configuration and |Av| ~ 1.36 in complementary configuration. Theseresults represent a key enabling step towards ubiquitous long-term stable,low-cost printed digital ICs.
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