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AB - Wearable electronics play a primary technology to enable remote healthcare provision, which is highly important in a post-pandemic society. Graphene and related 2 D materials (GRMs) hold a great potential for wearable electronics for their novel electrical and optical properties. I will give a brief overview on the development of high-yield, cost-effective and large-scale production techniques for GRM-based inks, and the portfolio of reproducible deposition processes enabling GRM-based printable devices on flexible and textile substrates. Then I will show how careful tuning of the flakes-substrate surface interaction and GRM deposition process enables hybrid heterojunctions from 2D materials, achieving mobility >100 cm2 V-1s-1 at room temperature. Finally, I will demonstrate how unveiling of the electronic transport in printed networks of 2D materials paves the way to high-performance inkjet printed integrated circuits of 2 D material semiconductors, such as MoS2
AU - Torrisi,F
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TI - Two-Dimensional Material Inks and Composites for Printed and Wearable Electronics
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