To deliver the ‘net’ in ‘net zero’, we will need a range of methods for removing CO2 from the air. This needs to be done alongside, and not instead of, faster reductions in emissions.

There are many possible avenues to explore for Carbon Dioxide Removal – and we’ve highlighted just a selection in this story.

Ultimately, policy makers will need to make important decisions about which techniques, or combination of techniques, are the most appropriate to use in particular contexts.

This should be informed by the latest scientific evidence, considering the range of benefits and risks, and public opinion. 

About CO2RE and the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators Programme

Funded by UKRI, CO2RE is a multidisciplinary research project focussing on the environmental, economic, social, cultural, ethical, legal and governance issues around Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR).

The project connects to other national and international programmes and commissions grants through a flexible fund.

CO2RE co-ordinates the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators Programme (GGR-D), working with five Demonstrator projects around the UK, each investigating a GGR method to shape government decision-making on net zero: Biochar, Enhanced Rock Weathering, Peatlands, Perennial Biomass Crops and Woodland Creation and Management.

To find out more about CO2RE and the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators Programme, and to see how you can join in, visit