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AB - LetGbe a nite group and letWbe a nitely generatedRG-module with a positive de nite bilinear form (;)W. Assume thatGpermutestransitively a generating setXofWand that (;)Wis constant on eachorbital ofGonX. We show a new method for computing the dimensions ofthe irreducible constituents ofW. Further, we apply that method to Majoranarepresentations of the symmetric groups proving that the symmetric groupSnhas a Majorana representation, in which every permutation of type (2;2) ofSncorresponds to a Majorana axis, if and only ifn≤12
AU - Ivanov,AA
AU - Franchi,C
AU - Mainardis,M
SN - 1572-9192
TI - Standard majorana representations of the symmetric groups
T2 - Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics
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